Vitalba Mosca International Vocal Master Class Held in FNU


From October 13 to 21, the Vitalba Mosca International Vocal Master Class was held at the College of Music of FNU. Vitalba Mosca, a world-famous mezzo-soprano singer and vocal educator, came to FNU to provide wonderful one-on-one vocal instruction for teachers and students from all over the country.

The master class, lasting for 7 days and with a total number of 12 classes, adopted the “one-on-one” teaching mode which offered different artistic explanations and vocal guidance according to the students' level. After the class, the organizer will hold a concert which provides a display platform for outstanding students who participated in the class.

Verdi Conservatory in Milan is one of the most important music schools in Italy. As the director of the vocal and opera department and a tenured professor of the school, Vitalba Mosca is internationally renowned. She has won many awards in international major vocal competitions and also co-hosted more than 400 concerts with a lot of famous conductors in many operas around the world.

 (Translated by Wen Shuxian, Reviewed by Chen Fang)



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